How Clearbit Increased Conversions Dramatically by Segmenting Their Sales Emails

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It’s common for a SaaS to have multiple types of audiences, or buckets into which your audience can be classified into. For Clearbit, those buckets consisted of marketers, developers and sales teams.

The challenge is then – how do you sell to a diverse group of people who have different needs?

Clearbit followed the path many SaaS makers take – using a drip email campaign to segment and customize each product intro experience.


Instead of simply feeding a sequence of emails to the same audience, Clearbit took it a step further and found out what their audience identified as. They asked inbound traffic about their role in the company and then used that information to send a customized email that appealed to that role.

According to Alex MacCaw in his Indie Hackers podcast interview, he customized each email to appeal to the role of the person to read it.

For example:

  • Marketing people got an email that spoke a lot about marketing.
  • Sales teams and reps saw an email that spoke of Salesforce integration.
  • Developers got an email that included actual code snippets.


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