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Hey! Another weekly update in 3… 2… 1… So… It’s been an interesting week. I’ve taken initiative to reach out to companies to ask them about their growth stories. There’s been some positive responses (about half respond, asking to send them my questions). However, when I send them some questions about 2/3 drop off completely. […]

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What’s in the name?

Remember the last time you registered a domain and had to think about your business name? How hard was it to come up with a name you could be happy with? A tough decision, yeah? That process either just works and you feel blissful or totally sucks and wastes hours. You think of a business […]

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Week #1 Update

Remember when you started your company and worked tirelessly into the night without anyone so much as noticing that you and your product exists? Yeah. That’s how it felt starting off my first week on this side project. Except, this is not a company and I’m not making a dime. Now that I’ve got that […]

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What is SaaS Genius and Why Bother?

SaaS Genius is a side project I conceived last night as I struggled to tie together the various ongoing problems that have been bugging me for some time. Problem 1: Occasionally I feel burned out and need to work on something that excites me. I needed a side project that would get me jumping up […]

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