A Side Project for a Side Project to Grow an Audience

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To get traction Sjabloon started a side project called StartupCosts.

Startup Costs Home Page and Email Opt In

This served two purposes:

  1. Build a list of people who wanted to stay in the loop about what felt like a non-salesy resource.
  2. Direct traffic to main side project by linking it on the StartupCosts front page.
  3. Bonus: Affiliate income via tools being used by startups.

More examples of side projects started by SaaS companies to grow an audience:

  • Unsplash – unless you’ve been living under a rock, this collection of stock images saved Crew.co from extinction. Crew was later acquired by Dribbble and Unsplash remains running healthy as ever.
  • ReallyGoodUX – case studies for great user experience, created by Appcues (a product aimed at reducing friction and increasing signups via onboarding guidance).
  • DO UI Kit by InvisionApp. This was an excellent project since it helped bring attention to the design tool (Invision) used by designers who would want to get their hands on a UI kit.

As you can see, building a side project for your main project or SaaS is a great way to build an audience.

What kind of side project can you launch to build an audience for your SaaS?


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